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Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote


“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him which books he reads.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. We often implied to our life situation the things we read on books. But this doesn’t make us a little less if we make our understanding broader.

  2. This quote is the truth, it right to ask a book they are reading. increase in knowledge comes from reading a good book.

  3. Books are really important but this days social media has gradually taken that off the table. Nice quote, I love it

  4. Yea, what you read and watch defines you. That’s what you feed your inner mind and it will tell how you behave or react to life

  5. Wonderful quote I must say. It is said that a person is made up of the kind of books he reads.

  6. Reading adds up to our knowledge. We should all read good books and not the junk ones.

  7. books are a great source of information and wisdom. it does not fade nor can be deleted. that is why i prefer to read books than to do anything else.

  8. I have lots of respect for Ralph Waldo. Every single one of his quotes inspire some thought.

  9. It is not common to meet a man of rare intellect. We therefore ought to make most of the opportunity.

  10. The importance of books in shaping who we become can’t be overstated. Books hide a treasure trove of knowledge.

  11. It is sad that today’s society has a very poor reading culture. We should go back to the old ways.

  12. I really like this quote. It highlights the role that books play in shaping our intellect.

  13. Sometimes itellect and wisdom may come from life experiences. So this quote might not be entirely true.

  14. Thanks tho quote is on point Intelligence is a result of good books and only readers inherit that.

  15. Most of the successful people are into reading. So, people who reads are more likely to be successful. I personally love reading good books it offers exposure to perspectives different from my own.

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