HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

August 28, 1994

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Our houseguests departed on Monday the 8th. We delivered the last one to the airport, drove home dazed, and collapsed in hysterics. Night fell. We staggered to our feet, gulped vodka, lurched down the hall into bed, and slept for seventy—two hours.

Your letter arrived just in time to make us realize that rational life still exists Out There. You saved us. We have returned to reality. To show our appreciation, we ordered a lifetime subscription to The Bee in your name.

”Inky” Hive will personally autograph each copy before it’s mailed. He insisted.


Computer-guru stepson advises that he will deliver the new computer plus auxiliaries within days! This requires extensive re-arrangement of space, postponed for nine years. Yellowing letters from Lou Jacot, George Williams and Ben Russo must make way for a modem, fax, etc. Cruel choices, but the bullet must be bitten.

I will apply for a government grant to speed completion of this Vital effort, giving your name as a reference. Then I will 7 split the grant with you, and you can use your half to battle Bergleitner. Every disruptive development has its plus side.

Must now close to address this formidable effort, for which I brace myself by reading the inspirational messages of Leslie Groves (they’re around here someplace).

Will communicate again soonest.

Heave ho!

Best to Anne and Thomas.

Fred C. (“Spare Nothing!”) Dobbs

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