The problem in our country isn’t with books being banned, but with people no longer reading.  You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture.  Just get people to stop reading them.  – Ray Bradbury

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  1. I totally agree with this thought because the habit of reading has been lost since childhood, because parents replace books with computers and cell phones, it is sad.

  2. I agree with this wonderful thought. The habit of reading is neglected since childhood.

  3. You said it right, for a book to become useless, let people stop reading it and that is it. But I love to read all books.

  4. I absolutely love books and reading, I buy books whenever I can or have the time to and read them when not doing anything. I can’t imagine trying to burn books, except maybe for great need like you need kindling for fire and there isn’t any available.

    Anyway, I find it very unfortunate that the current generation don’t like reading and books anymore. I wish more could be done to get them back reading and loving books again.

  5. Books really play a great role in preservation of culture. Those who take their time to read become the custodian of the sama culture.

  6. Growing up with books made me what I am today. Kids should learn to read books, this will not only give them information about the things that the are not familiar with but it will also boost their knowledge.

  7. Very true, people who reads more ahs a perticular way of thinking and acting. I wish more people were open to read more.

  8. Accessing quality books is a way for anyone who wants to make meaningful progress for his future. Moreover, reading activities are also believed by health experts as a powerful therapy in preventing senility.

  9. Maybe someone’s formal education is not very high. But it could be that he will surpass those who take even the highest formal education. This is very possible if someone has a strong reading tradition, so that’s the importance of a reading culture!

  10. 100% true, people don’t read again. Youths like me prefer spending hours on social media chating than reading quality books.

  11. This is very true, indeed. If one must retain the culture and heritage of the country, the head should educate the young ones very well by feeding them the words in the history books.

  12. Well described and analyzed post. This is a quote which a most people will reckon will admit with.

  13. The reading culture here is very poor. People are no longer reading. Books are in abundance but no one seems to be reading

  14. Books are gradually been replaced by social media and gadgets. I don’t think we read even when plenty books are released everyday

  15. I agree and with the emergence of digital channels now even more so. However, this can also be a way for reading to be relevant again. As you said it all depends on one important player. The people.

  16. Books cannot be replaced. I just handling books, their hard and rough surface. How the books smells every time you turn the page. It is just so exhilarating .

  17. I agree and I think it’s a huge loss for people to give up reading. Reading expands your mind and is very therapeutic. Writing is a great remedy as well.

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