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Red Caboose Motel

Red Caboose Motel

16 responses to “Red Caboose Motel”

  1. It looks better than the motels we have here that is for sure. It looks like a freaking disco but it is okay. Next time though an inside look would be nice since if this is your focus may as well show it off. A good room for a night off at least.

  2. Looks like you are going to have a nice time tonight. It is quite a good night view of the motel.

  3. Nice and good looking motel. Its night color is superb. Wish to visit there one of this days.

  4. Wow, perfect is an under statement. Its is a great shot I most confess. I love this output, really looks like a cyclic view.

  5. The overall color scheme of that motel looks very cozy and inviting. I think I’d like to stay the night there after driving through most of the night.

  6. I guess the place is very convenient and accessible. Just when you needed a room to stay in.

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