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Red Green 2.0

December 2020

23 responses to “Red Green 2.0”

  1. Very appropriate given the Christmas season. Definitely looks like a nice lounging area and its reminiscent of the outdoors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You just open my eyes to this combination; red and green. Nice place, just to relax and enjoy the rhythm.

  3. I look like a very relaxing place, I love the way how the chair’s color contrast with the view outside.

  4. This depict what the season is all about. A month of relaxation. I wouldn’t mind having a good rest here

  5. The entire environment is relaxing enough. The cozy chair will make one very comfortable on it. I like the comfort the all set up brings

  6. My father has a seat like these just a different color. To me this is a more polished/ modern version of a rocking chair. A very good spot to sleep at least.

  7. I would choose one for me and the other chair for my father, they look very comfortable, unique for watching television.

  8. I didn’t know green and red could go so well together. I just might try this color scheme in my living room.

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