• Wilson Jake

    This cap reminds me of my grandfather’s love for his cap, firefighter. His love for this made me respect them anywhere I see them in action

  • Prince

    This is a very risky service, I respect this people. Risking their own life to safe others life and property. There is no greater love than this

  • Maury Cheskes

    Cool helmet! Nice homage to your former life as a firefighter. It’s good to keep nostalgic items, especially ones with this much potency.

  • Alex

    Firemen are heroes at their own right. Anyone can be for that matter.. Fighting with fire is no joke. One wrong move and its over. Man Vs. Nature as its finest.

  • conrad pranze villas

    I can still remember the time when the building that I was in had a fire and we need to be evacuated. I do have high regard to firemen.

  • A. Rizudin

    Glad to see that you kept that helmet that you had during the time you served as a firefighter. You must’ve saved a lot of lives, along with the occasional non-threatening cat rescue, I’m sure.

    *grins slightly…*

    Fact is, over here in Malaysia, our firefighters do a bit more than just put out fires. Some of the most bizarre things they’ve had to deal with involve the presence of snakes, usually pythons, hiding in….well, a lot of places, according to the videos I’ve seen.

    There was one case of a python hiding inside of a wall, and another one that was found inside of a car’s engine.

    And although our local Wildlife Service (PERHILITAN, as we call them) does help in those cases, sometimes, our firefighters (BOMBA, as we call them) tend to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to those cases.

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