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Richard Bach Quote


The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.
– Richard Bach

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  1. When you see a good quote you will definitely know from its meaning. When you are capable or doing something, you won’t see it as a task.

  2. It is true! You never call work what really turns you on. Therefore, to achieve success, it is recommended to do what we like.

  3. Well for me, when i enjoy what I am doing it is easy for me to finish it. But sometimes, having fun while working gives a good pace for me to finish it early.

    • Wow, not calling it work make it fun and gets done easily. Seeing it as work makes it attached to a compensation.

  4. Doing activities that you enjoy as work is the main advantage of working according to passion. You will not feel burdened by the many challenges and difficulties that exist. In addition, this will add motivation to work more optimally.

  5. If we clearly enjoy our job, we can no longer call it work. We do it with passion and love, thus, making the job easier.

  6. It all goes down to DO YOU LOVE YOUR WORK? If yes then to you it will never feel like a chore at all. A good mentality to have if you ask me.

  7. If you view a nice quote, you will be aware from its meaning. You can’t see it as a task.

  8. This is great quote, seeing something you wanna do as a work makes it look like you are about the end result. I love this quite, applies to so many things

  9. Same here I don’t longer see it as work but a success story. It good to stay motivated to get things done.

  10. success comes to hard worker though we might not see it at work but putting more efforts can be of great help for actualization.

  11. Try to develop a strong desire to get it done. This will make it seem more like a game than work, and you may even feel like you didn’t really do any work, because you really wanted to get it done.

  12. This is why we should have fun with whatever we do. It makes life so much more enjoyable.

  13. This is what happens when you do something you’re passionate about. I couldn’t agree more with this!

  14. A very relatable quote indeed. Anyone who is passionate about what they do can relate to this.

  15. This is exactly how we should approach everything we do. Once it feels less like work, the more effective we become at it.

  16. I am in full agreement with the quote. When you truly want to do something, it never feels like work.

  17. Yess Richard!! The payoff for hard work is tremendous and makes it all worth it. You can’t just expect things to fall on your lap and when you take on challenging tasks, it gives you huge sense of purpose and self-fulfillment.

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