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Robert Green Ingersoll Quote


“Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.” —Robert Green Ingersoll

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  1. Interesting thought, I totally agree, because we find in our life explosive and irritable people, patience is a virtue that very few have.

  2. You mean every right we claim for ourselves….that’s so hard to be sincere. I pray for complete tolerance

  3. Good quote. I won’t tolerate anything bad for me this year though. I will weigh and think twice if they are good for me instead.

  4. Great quote on equality and righteousness. I think most of the world’s problems can be solved by mutual consideration and respect.

  5. Exactly, whatever is good for the goose is applicable to for the gander. Don’t take away another right and demand for yours

  6. I totally agrree with the quote, we all have the same rights and our mind has to beecome more mature to understand it.

  7. Or in other words RESPECT. Come to think of it, everyone has and should exercise that right. Regardless of age, gender or race.

  8. First time to read this quote and it really makes sense. Thanks for sharing this nugget of wisdom.

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