Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305

February 10, 1986

Dear Doctor,

I am taking advantage of this last opportunity to communicate with you before you go to the house of the great computer mavens. Before approaching important subjects there is a small budget of news.

You are of course aware of the death and cremation of a person identified b a California coroner using fingerprints as Ron Hubbard. I believe the Times covered it obliquely this past Sunday.

Patrick who may be your godson but I doubt and I am sure Barry wold agree, a son of ours, is now a member of the Masons. I do not believe he has political ambitions or hopes to sell real estate or insurance. It must be genetic and the result of an unfortunate switch in the hospital. Somewhere there is a mobile home where a truck driver and his ex-waitress wife are having trouble understanding our son. He may become the technical director for the Cohoes Music Hall an even shakier institution that Proctors, but convenient to the Dansk outlet.

Friday Patrick told me there was a leak in the cellar. It was true, the soil pipe for upstairs was cracked open on top in a horizontal segment about six feet long. When you knew it was there you could reach up and put your hand in it if this was your wish. It explains the odor I have been noticing for some time. Today it was replaced b Robert Boardwell and his helper in six hours for $275. I mention this because I suspect it would cost you a great deal more. Robert had to move an electrical distribution box to do it as well. It is true that his methods remind me of the little man with a beard and a mule in Gasoline Alley, his partner doesn’t have a kitty but does like cats.

Enough of all that. You are aware that you can use your AT&T credits up to $500 towards an AT&T computer. If you choose the 128k model you can up it easily to 640, two drive, and have a very solid, complete, monochrome but color capable computer for $1200. Alternately you can go the way you have and end with and for some $1100 have the same thing plus color. Then there are the IBM clones at God knows what price. To buy one I think you must go to the dealer with some disks and some things you want to do and see if his machine will do it/them. Then there is the ATARI 520 ST one drive, 512K spectacular color, a mouse, but a closed architecture, for some $800. No pascal but a Modula 2 which is similar but better but the same man. This is of course only the beginning. There is the projected ATARI 1040 with a megabyte of memory but supplied with a monochrome monitor and composite color part.

Please find out the answer. I am getting nothing done as I spend my time reading ATARI magazines, Infoworld, Byte, etc.

I am leaning towads the 520 now.

Have a pleasant vacation. Give my lofe to Sandy, my regards to Grand and a kiss to all the females particularly that red headed niece but don’t play favorites.

Yours truly,
Arthur S. Covert

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