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Route 30 Bridge

Route 30 Bridge

March 2020

31 responses to “Route 30 Bridge”

  1. Now this is something that I Can pause and just reminisce. I wonder what the view looks like beyond it? Very good photo.

  2. I love the angle at which you took the picture. Brings out the beauty of the bridge, as well as the trees and the sky.

  3. It’s such a great shot. It seems you took your time to focus and take such a magnificent picture.

  4. Lovely picture, have been trying to get what the focus was. Is it the rusted metal or the beautiful portion of the sky with the dried tree? Lovely concept guy

  5. The sky is always lovely anytime you capture it. This is a fantastic output Thomas, you never ditch out less

  6. This bridge looks relatively new and well pieced together. I love how you’re always looking for new material to shoot. Beautifully angled shot.

  7. This post makes me remember our childhood poem titled LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING. Nice and cool color post.

  8. I really like your urban exploration pictures. Every one of them has something unique to offer.

  9. I like how strong and well built the bridge looks. that’s some good engineering right there.

  10. Concrete bridges are much better than wooden ones. This bridge will be standing for a very long time.

  11. The trees in the background look magnificent. Driving down the bridge would be a great experience!!

  12. I like the fading out effect at the edges of the photo. The shot is very beautiful and iconic. Keep up the great job Thomas!

  13. The bridge does look steady. I am wondering how you took this snapshot, were you on a boat or something? However the picture is nice.

  14. wonderful shot! You went down the bridge to take this photo I guess. I always wanted to walk or cross the bridge and when biking.

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