Rushing Water And Rustling Leaves

I know a place
where we can go.
It’s down by the river;
one may listen to the wind blow.
Listen to the rushing waters
and the wind blowing
through a thousand leaves.
Leave your troubles behind…
come with me
to the place of rushing waters,
and rustling leaves.


  • Prince

    Like my friend will always say, problem will never finish. We need to move one and leave the dead part far in the past

  • Alex

    Very nice poem a free verse I suppose. This is very tranquil. I see just the water flowing as peaceful as possible. Very Interesting.

  • esgyll

    This is the place I would want to be. I don’t care if I stay here forever. It’s a place where it soothes my soul, and that’s what I really need at the moment.

  • Glad

    I love this poem, as I read through i could imagine myself at the river side the gentle flow of the water and the cool wind. It is usually a lovely sight.

  • AMAN

    The place which is talked here made me imagine of a wonderful place. The place which I imagined is completely natural beauty, where you can relax your mind and soul.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Very vivid picture in my head of this rushing waters place of paradise. Your words are very provocative. You’re a great lyricist for peaceful settings and marveling at the outdoors.

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