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Saint Nicolas Coal Breaker

March 2011

18 responses to “Saint Nicolas Coal Breaker”

  1. As someone who still uses coal to cook this is a good site. Sure coal maybe dirty but it is pretty useful. That said thanks to those who is processing it in one of these plants. Good job!!!

  2. This has been the epicenter of energy during its glory times. Just like Rome, the coal industry collapsed because people understood the effect of burning coal in our environment.

  3. The building looks old, for me it’s very heart breaking with a factory is abandoned… It’s too bad how the change touch everything and those who doesn’t adapt quickly tend to dissapear.

  4. I have read that it was once the largest coal crusher in the world, and the last of its kind in this state. But now this may just be part of history to remember.

  5. I really like the view of the sky, so bluish and clean. But sadly, this awe-inspiring piece of history may not be long for this world.

  6. It’s a relief that the damage to the structure is not so extensive. A little renovation can get it back to as good as new.

  7. What a lovely and cool giant and mighty building. Your photo work even brought out the real structure out.

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