“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” — Salvador Dali

15 thoughts on “Salvador Dali Quote

  1. Having a high IQ is not the only thing one needs to succeed …ambition is also a very important thing and anybody without ambition is like someone sauntering around town with no particular destination in mind

  2. How will you make it without ambition to succeed. Intelligence matters too but the drive to succeed also matters as much. Great quote Toms

  3. It will like a waste to the brain, infact more like a load. How can one be this intelligent with nothing to show, then a fool would have been better.

  4. I totaly agree, besides intelligence… discipline, ambition and strategy is very necesary in order to succed

  5. This means that we should make good of use of our ambition. We have to live our dreams with our intelligence and hard work.

  6. Truth and big quote. Its more or less that person didn’t exist. Thanks for this meaningful quote.

  7. This is a simple quote yet holds a lot of truth. Lack of ambition truly does render intelligence useless.

  8. Any intelligent person without ambition is a loss case because the intelligence will be a waste to such human. You can’t fly with all the intelligence you have.

  9. I disagree because Intelligence and ambition are not even in the same league. Ambition and Dreams yes but not intelligence. Besides you can be as common as you are and still have direction. Dreams gives us that education is nothing more than a ticket to get you to the door. What you do upon entering is up to you.

  10. This is very true. Intelligence really couldn’t do anything on its own, unless a person will find something to set is direction/focus on and use that intelligence to make the most out of it.

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