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San Antonio Botanical Garden

December 2017

20 responses to “San Antonio Botanical Garden”

  1. Oh wow, that picture is outstanding. I love the architecture of the building, the sky color, the water and plants around the place

  2. If this place is still very much alive them the name just fut in. If not alive, it’s a lost beauty

  3. That’s one futuristic looking garden! The sky is magnificent. Really beautifully defined photo.

  4. I like botanical gardens especially where there are space for relaxation. it can really be helpful for relaxing the body

  5. Wow this looks like straight from a movie where nature takes over and man does not exist. I guess that is gonna happen huh without us the world returns to nature? Very mysterious sight indeed.

  6. So painful this is also abandoned, from the overgrowth plant in front. Needed for a re structuring ASAP

  7. San Antonio has always been my dream place to visit soonest. You really made a perfect photoshoot.

  8. I wonder why gardens are abandoned this way everywhere. Maintenance culture is just our problems here. We need to do better

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