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July 2018

27 responses to “Sanitarium”

  1. Love the brick pattern on this building. Great clash of colors and beautiful definition in this entire shot.

  2. I adore the beautiful pattern on this lovely building. It has great colors and the entire shot is amazing.

  3. It seems like a perfect place with a natural environment around it. Evade for a moment from life in the city, back to nature.

  4. This house has the same structure with our house. It is quite big and old to look at.

  5. The picture could match a poem about aging, though the place is falling down it looks beautiful.

  6. Well, from afar looks safe but it’s an old sanitarium it could fall off anytime. Won’t sleep with two eyes close under this roof. I love the shot

  7. Really looks old, but I can still feel the beauty over the structure. The sky is so lovely and calm. Like rain is coming

  8. A humble looking house in the middle of nowhere. Looks like it is still occupied though.

  9. That house might have been hiding very dark. Abandoned as it is, it may have served its purpose.

  10. For a place as remote as this I am surprised there are electric lines running. That’s rather amazing.

  11. I’d like to know how you are able to consistently achieve shots that are this good. Try as I may, my photos never look this good.

  12. I was expecting a hospital to be honest. Then again looks can be deceiving.It looks in the middle of nowhere though. It definitely has some eerie vibe around it for sure.

  13. The surrounding here is so relaxing. The green trees will help to bring fresh air there.

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