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School’s Out Forever

School's Out Forever

May 2019


20 responses to “School’s Out Forever”

  1. This looks an abandoned school bus. I like the angle you shot this from it gave it an artistic looks too,

  2. What a haunting shot of just an ordinary abandoned school bus. Makes me think of a still from a horror movie.

  3. The sight of this old school bus brings mixed feelings for me. The joy of clearing school, but the sadness of missing my school friends.

  4. I guess this bus will take a break for ever, Im wondering how did it finish being there.

  5. So that’s where old school buses go to live out the rest of their years!


    Just kidding. It’s a bit of a haunting shot, but still a good one.

  6. I can tell this school bus has been stranded here for quite a while. It has bushes growing all around it.

  7. This bus should be salvaged for scrap metal. I doubt there’s much more it can be used for.

  8. How come school buses almost always look he same? We had a school bus that looked exactly like this, only the color was different.

  9. That bus has been taken over by nature. It still looks new to me. I use to be happy when school is out but now that I am older I realize that school is very important.

  10. Wow its a great shot. But how did this school bus end up being abandoned in the forest?

  11. How did this happen? How could a bus as big as this be left abandoned. Does look creepy though.

  12. A school bus stucked in the middle of no where, what really happened were they kidnapped or what Good shot all the same

  13. It has come to my attention that most of the old school buses are being abandoned and new coaches introduced. It’s some of the changes we can’t avoid.

  14. I haven’t seen the yellow school bus in a long time. I used to ride it when I was in school, during my elementary days.

  15. I want to go inside and picture it. I just love these types of pictures. Anyways, thank you for sharing this!

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