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Scrapped Bicycles


December 2015

13 responses to “Scrapped Bicycles”

  1. This post makes me remember your post on why you love posting abandoned stuffs. This post must have given you a memory on you past life. The bicycles looks scrapped and abandoned. But if taken for repairs, they will stand to move well again. Thanks for the post TOM.

  2. What a curious place to throw these bicycles away, or at least left to rot under the punishing elements. Some of them look like that they could still be salvaged.

  3. This bicycle doesn’t look like scraped. The look parked, but the location makes it look like abandoned.

  4. Could this be abandoned bicycles, I think the environment itself doesn’t do justice to these bicycles.

  5. These bicycles would be perfect for a race. It’s a good thing they are already enough for a couple of racers.

  6. The sharp color used for this photo gives this photo the life it needs. Scrapped bicycles but there still look good.

  7. They do not look that old to me. I mean they can still run a mile or two? I do not know about racing but this will be good for a stroll at least. They look like mommy bikes anyway.

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