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We all have secrets.  Just go look at PostSecret if you don’t believe me.  This post was inspired by 50 People On ‘The Secret I Am Terrified To Tell’ from Thought Catalog, and is a list of links to blogs and blog posts about secrets that I thought were interesting.

22 responses to “Secrets”

  1. Yea, we all have a secret either big one or just a funny little ones. My secrets are worth holding on too

  2. Sometimes, it is good we have our secrets within us alone. When its gets to another person, it is no longer secret. Nice one there Tom.

  3. I think we all have secrets, things that we choose not to share for many reasons like fear, embarrassment, love, or many other reasons.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe some of the secrets that were revealed from this list. While we all keep secrets, I think the most respected people are the ones that are transparent and don’t mask the truth or pretend to be people they aren’t. Owning up to secrets is gratifying as well I find.

  5. We all have our little secrets that we want to keep it close to our chest. I will never like to share my secrets. This is why it is called a secret, it shouldn’t be exposed

  6. We all have secrets may it be very small or very huge. To me though some secrets are better left unknown. We all have looked in the other side. Do not poke the sleeping bear I would say.

  7. There are secrets I would take to my grave. The information is and will continue to be for just my consumption. No two ways about it.

  8. I myself have my own secret. Even my wife nor my family knows about it. Some secrets needs to be held properly or else many people might be affected by it.

  9. We shouldn’t trust just anyone with our secrets. They are called secrets for a reason after all.

  10. The site you’ve shared is a goldmine. I never knew reading other people’s secrets could be so much fun!

  11. The worst friends are those who share your secrets even when you tell them in confidence. That’s why I never trust anybody with mine.

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