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Sell Out

Sell Out

March 2020

26 responses to “Sell Out”

  1. Wow, I have not seen or experience this before where store sell out everything they sell. Lovely through the glass picture. Its awesome and the lightening is perfect

  2. Great light here. You gave your greatest shot here. Everywhere is glowing as expected.

  3. This is really lovely. Lightening cool and perfect. I haven’t witnessed a sell out act before, will love to some day

  4. Looks like the business is not going very well. The place is very spacious though.

  5. I have never experienced seeing anything of that sort over where I live. Though it’s more on the fact that a local business here doesn’t thank anyone for trusting them with their business and just posting they have moved to some new place.

    Anyway, going back to the picture, it feels so full of despair even though it’s brightly lit. There’s something about the deserted store and its empty shelves that really brings that feeling out to me.

  6. The outbreak of the CoronaVirus could be responsible for this. There has been panic buying all over.

  7. It seems as though the store is closed for some renovations. We cannot be too sure though.

  8. The store does really look sold out. Almost everything has been cleared from the store. Has it closed for the day or closed indefinitely?

  9. I believe this is just close of work for the day and not closed down. Nice night shot.

  10. The store is closed but the electricity is still running. Seems wasteful in my opinion.

  11. For a store or any business for that matter SOLD out are the words you wanna here as it equates to more sales and more money. In some cases though it will depend on the demand. It can be a problem but a good kind of problem I may add.

  12. They’re wasting so much energy by leaving all the lights on after closing time. It could also be misleading for a potential customer miles away! I do like the shot though and the fitting caption.

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