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Should Have Sold The Piano


August 2016

11 responses to “Should Have Sold The Piano”

  1. There are things that money couldn’t just buy. Especially those that has embedded memories in them. One of that us my grandpa’s piano.

  2. You sell that old beautiful piano, some memories will go with it. I dont think there is a price for ones beautiful memories

  3. The good old piano sitting majestically and waiting for the player to come do what he or she knows how to do best.

  4. If it is just collecting dust like in the photo then by all means sell it. It is better for it find a new home. I like piano. I wish I can play it.

  5. Some stuffs have specific sentimental values attached to it. This is a cool photo of a seemingly abandoned piano.

  6. I think the piano can still be saved somewhat. You just need to ask a professional piano repairer to look it over to see if it can still be saved.

  7. This will be a classic item now which might cost a whole lot of money. I love to play the piano when less busy.

  8. Aww that’s very sad, I hate seing that piano in an abanoned place. I wish they had donated it, music always makes people very happy.

  9. I personally don’t like to sell my belongings out. That piano is a very good one. Nice property you have Tom.

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