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Should I Write It In A Letter

Should I Write It In A Letter

August 2019

11 responses to “Should I Write It In A Letter”

  1. For you loved ones from afar there’s great feelings than receiving a hand letter from them. It has always been an old school way yet the most truthful one.

  2. To me some things are meant to be in a letter like poems for example. But lets be honest if it is about vital then it should be said face to face and not just written. It is a matter of perspective.

  3. There are some things you will wanna express out that its only the oral aspect of speech that can really bring out your mind. I love this photography. It looks like the shot was taken at night. Nice and quality photography work.

  4. Anything that one needs to be expressive about can be written out. This is a good shot by the way. I like the color used.

  5. I love writing and receiving letters. This definitely brings back good memories. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo.

  6. I could almost smell the fragrance of old paper. It’s one of the most magical fragrances of my long gone childhood that I still cherish up to now. It’s sad people don’t write letters so much anymore.

  7. Why not if that will help you put down your thoughts just as expected. I like to write a lot because I express myself better that way.

  8. I think we all should. I miss the times where messages where more personal and people was carefull when using the words.

  9. Great homage to handheld letters. It makes me sad sometimes that emails are the far more dominating practice these days.

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