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Show Me The Way

April 2018

10 responses to “Show Me The Way”

  1. You shot this just right and the white and black edit gave it a better outlook. Certainly one can’t get lost with that sign in sight.

  2. The black and white effect really gave the picture a beautiful look. It also makes the direction so visible

  3. This must be a jungle area. The finger pointed just right to the direct of a particular place or location. Thanks for this brilliant black and White shot.

  4. Very sharp and focused shot. You can clearly see the subject without unnecessary shadows that might obscure it from any other angle. Great mastery of technique – the kind of thing you show in all your other photographs you have shared on your website.

  5. The caption and the photo makes a lot of sense. This is like photo-speaks because the photo speaks the caption

  6. Pretty direct. I wish all life’s choices were as simple as just following a hand signal. Thanks for sharing.

  7. By all means show me the way lol. Anyway, I am not sure if one is allowed to draw on walls but hey grafiti is a thing now I guess it is cool.

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