Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady, NY 12305

October 12, 1986

Dear Doktor,
You remember those adds you used to see in the back of Snappy Detective Stories, ‘Send $1.50 and get three months of interesting mail’. Well that’s what we aim at. The content may not be interesting but consider the form. You may remember that some time back I suggested that Rolldex cards would be convenient ways to keep track of the changeing use of Function and Control keys from program to program. So I bought a little Rolldex gadget. Litlle turned out to be the key word. It seemed to small so I went back an bought a much larger one. I thought the cards were larger, they weren’t. I was going to paste the machine output on the cards, but found it wasn’t very aesthetic. But I had a hell of a lot of cards so I began to put telephone numbers on them. Well next I was in a computer store and found that they had them in the form you see, so I bought a box. Meanwhile I had found that none of the ATARI word processors were really satisfactory for little pages, so I am doing this on the Osborne using WordStar. The format I am using now will do for the sort of notes I originaly intended and I will write a little Mailerge program to handle addreses.

This occured on Friday which also was the day I got a new infusion of Software. And incidently the day after I downloaded an ATARI version of ARC. This may or may not be a good thing.

Well I got THUNDER which is a spelling program with 50,000 words, it is preety good, works in two modes, one looks at every word you type and rings a bell whenever it thinks a spelling error has occured, it will give you a selection of spellings of what it thinks the word is, the second mode examines each word of a previously typed document. This is nice but I had in mind to use it to find six letter words, so I applied it to my dictionary. Well it sure doesn’t know many six letter, words going through the words starting with A it failed to reognize one out of five. Otherwise it really is very good.

The ST Music box allows, it says to write music for four channels with two voices in each. It plays it on the computer, but also it will feed a synthesizer, the cheapest of which is apparently about $220, not impossible. It will also print out what you compose.

CORNERMAN is supposed to do what SIDEKICK if it does it doesn’t do it too gracefuly.

The October issue of COMPUTER LANGUAGE, now on the newstands has a leading article entitled ON THE BATHTUB ALGORITHM FOR DOT MATRIX HOLGRAMS the text is filled with references to the Nyquist limit. The Nyquist limit was an OK word for EE’s, information scientists, operation research experts, communication theorists and their ilk. There are several pages of illustrations all of them of the sort we have been generating with circlesquare.

Well that’s my budget of news for this week.

Yours truly,

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