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Snow Can Wait I Forgot My Mittens

Snow Can Wait I Forgot My Mittens

February 2020

13 responses to “Snow Can Wait I Forgot My Mittens”

  1. Seems like there’s an ethereal glow around the tree. A somewhat eerie, yet calming, presence of sorts.

    It’s beautiful, in its own way. Nice photo! 🙂

  2. It looks like the “fiery bush”, except that the weather is cold. It’s fascinating how the photographer picked this solitary tree with the faint silhouette of the forest in the background. It truly is a moving sight.

  3. This is a huge contrast to the previous version. This time I do not like it as much sorry. I mean it is like looking at something wearing plastic in my eyes. It becomes hazy, blurry and not so good compared to the unfiltered view. That is just me being honest.

  4. Wow, after seeing this one. I doubt my ability to see whether this is an edited photo or not. Maybe because the weather has made the background image so clean.

  5. This is beautifully illustrated, looks like its staged for a shoot or something. Too beautiful to be real

  6. In one word, amazing. I love the snow, the blue background colour coupled with the little but perfect lightening. Up notch

  7. Brr, I can feel the cold just looking at that picture. I will get myself my own mittens before venturing out to that kind of weather.

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