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So Much Depends On The Weather


August 2016

17 responses to “So Much Depends On The Weather”

  1. I love this shot. I love driving on long distance on a weathers like this. It keeps me calm and assures me that everything will be alright.

  2. So calm and beautiful to the eyes. I am sure rain is coming. Lovely, truly the weather has much to do here.

  3. I think that if it depends on the climate that this batch of corn is so green and prosperous, close to giving harvest, we all need a good climate to feel better and plants need the sun to have their photosynthesis process.

  4. Your truly, this depends on the weather alone…but also a good camera and professional skill to complement

  5. So quiet and wonderful to the eyes. I am certain downpour is coming. Exquisite, genuinely the climate has a lot to do here.

  6. Truly said. there is a time that all we do is upon the weather. you cant go for a hike when rainy.

  7. This is good for weather forecast. Nice and clean brilliant photoshoot from the perfect angle.

  8. Awww this picture is just amazing, I love the contrast , the clouds soft and the deep blue sky.

  9. I agree with you, with the right weather you can do whatever you want to do outdoors. The sky looks so bright and a good time to go out too.

  10. Yes and it will always be a reminder that Nature will always be higher than men. Regardless whether we believe it or not we are govern by a higher power. To the photo well. it is my ideal day at least.

  11. Love the blurry corn field in the back, the sky and everything is just so countrysideish, I love the overall vibe of the picture and the traditional colors of the farm life it represents

  12. So much indeed is determined by the weather. Even the four seasons of weather literally influences worldly activities.

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