Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305

June 12, 1987

Dear Frau und Herr Doktor,

After your departure I had a brief nap and then finished the cross word puzzle which until then was only one third done. Was this because I had throughout the weekend received an infusion of youthful energy.

Every once in a while some stray cat takes on one of the balloons in the back yard, there is a loud pop and the cat disappears.

Enclosed are two maze(s) the first or narrow one is very easy.

Did I tell you to read Primo Levi’s Monkey Wrench.

Today I visited the library looking for information about Delaware County etc. Found a History of Delaware County written by Jay Gould, this was the real Jay Gould who worked on the local railway in 1856 before buying a lot of railways and trying to corner gold and causing a depression. There are lots of these local histories written by gypsies and paid for by one who’s name appeared in them.

There is a pocket electronic speller (80,000 words $75 which given FACELE returns FACILE but more interesting given EA?I?R returns EASIER, thus solving your cross word puzzle or playing the six letter word game for you. I recently downloaded something labeled a spelling program, the only trouble was you had a completely empty dictionary. You would take some text and it would question every word if you said it was OK it added it to the dictionary of correctly spelled words. You start and have only 79,999 to go.

I am enclosing two disks containing some of the things you requested. Lets hope they work.

Disk 1
AMAZEING.EXEMaze for Thomas
ARC522.DOCDocumentation for new ARC
ARC522.EXENew Arc
MSTERLIS.ARCAll of the IBM downloads available from GEnie (I think)
Disk 2
COREWAR.ARCThis was described in SCI AM and you thought you’d like it
JULIA.ARCPlots Mandelbrot, this looks like a good version.

This took me around six hours. You should get a modem if you really want this sort of stuff, also a hard disk to keep them on, maybe a new computer to run them. Thomas shouldn’t have to use an old TI with black and white. Another problem was finding disks, I hadn’t any on the shelf because I’m not using those big ones anymore. Remember these are single sided disks.

A second visit to the library shows that there are many books on the Catskills, they rend to start with Hendrik Hudson and continue till today, covering geology, folklore, architecture, anything to fill about 900 ages. I looked in each index for Stamford and chose one with the most entries. One of the entries was, Stamford Village, Jewish element in, it was only a passing reference to the attempt to maintain a Select Clientele back in 1902. Catskill KKK who made one public appearance and were jailed on the second.


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