HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. SlatinOctober 19, 1993

Hey, they’re, Udo!–there,

Sorry for the delay in writing.  I wanted to get out another Valley Voice, but it took more time than estimated.  Hard to believe that my last letter to you was May 23, 1993.  (Yours to me was August 12, 1993).

We have had a pretty cool summer (not many days over 100), and seem to be starting an early winter.  That’s fine with us.  Mary likes to walk every day, but she can’t handle the sun and high heat.  I walk to the market every morning and buy the New York Times and staples for our simple fare (diced hotdogs, etc.).  Then we have an exhilarating workout, throwing The Bee on the floor and jumping on it, after reading the Times and The Wall Street Journal.  Excellent for muscle tone.

Have you heard anything from the Los Alamos reunion committee?  I don’t know whether to write to them or not, but I have the feeling that my input of last October may have been mislaid.  I told them I probably could not attend, but would like to have a “yearbook” if they put one out, and asked them to bill me.  Nothing so far.  I welcome your advice, especially if you or Arthur Covert have received yearbooks.  If I am needlessly concerned, please forward a sedative.  (Send no money.)

To keep you current on Lukenbill & His Friends, I enclose an article from The Bee.  Melarkey’s used to be a hangout for every political shyster in town.  (The name itself gives it away.)  Now Lukenbill takes another lump as it sinks unlamented.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer four-flusher.

How does Anne enjoy being Deputy Mayor?  Our guess is that she likes it, inspire of Bergleitner’s sniping.  (She may even be Mayor by now.)  And you are no doubt behind the scenes, a Gray Emince, twisting arms, making veiled threats, handing out 25-cent bribes, etc.  “Big Tim” Udo in full stride.

And how is Thomas?  We need updates on the family.

We’re all doing fine out here.  The leaves are falling, the days are shorter, the coyotes are coming down from the hills, and the long-range forecast is for another wet winter, frustrating The Bee’s Don’t-Use-Water! campaign.  Snow at 7200 feet on Donner Pass already.  And you seem to have more than your share of rain, according to the weather report every night on TV.  So lay in a supply of flour, salt, sorghum and gunpowder, and get ready for a cold one.  Your S.E.D. training will pull you through.

Fred C. Dobbs

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