July 2018

10 thoughts on “Spirit In The Sky

  1. I wish I can actually view the spirit and compare it to the picture in my head. This looks more like an art work.

  2. Wonder and nice photography work from a standard camera. Spirits in the sky looks real though. Thanks for this colorful post.

  3. That looks really beautiful. It’s really not that hard to imagine such spirits would be all alive with color lighting up the sky for all of us to see.

  4. Wow!! Such a spirited ambience with the fireworks and the feris-wheel. There’s a great uplifting energy to this shot.

  5. Reminds me of a romantic scene where a couple is up in the Ferris Wheel while watching fireworks, However this seems to be an edit or an effect as suppose to the real one. Needless to say good shot.

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