May 2015

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15 thoughts on “Split Rock Falls

    1. This is a great waterfall..the water looks really neat and clean.. I suppose its good for drinking.. Just thinking out loud

  1. The name is very accurate he he. As if the water said ” Move aside boys I am going through” Where is this though? Indonesia or US? Good shot by the way.

  2. Nice water and current. I would love to swim here on my birthday. So much memories everytime I see this kind of place.

  3. Oh my world, this is not just a water or slip rock…..its a beauty. Perfect, simply the best. I LOVE THIS

  4. Really wish visiting this lovely place some day. So cool and perked. Thanks for sharing this bro

  5. It looks like ice snow flowing down. It reminds me of the feeling of the water vapor that comes from a waterfall.

  6. Tom aside you being a photographer, you are also a professional tourist. Nice work man.

  7. Spectacular place, these places must be preserved, because when we destroy them they are difficult to recover, nice photographic shot.

  8. Amazing outdoor shot. You can really feel the rush of the waterfall. Natural pieces like this don’t even need any tampering

  9. Whenever I see things like this, I am always amazed how beautiful nature is. The water running in between the rocks is really a lovely sight.

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