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Steampunk Farm Machine

July 2018

10 responses to “Steampunk Farm Machine”

  1. I hope it isn’t my eyes but the farm machine isn’t visible but the color effect is lovely. Nice photography work.

  2. Wonderful, the machine looks cool and big though. I love the area of shot. Thanks for this post.

  3. As always, I’ve loved black and white pictures because they really make such simple photography subjects stand out and look pretty amazing. I wonder how you manage to make everything looks so crisp and detailed despite just those several tones of grays, whites, and blacks. Not a lot of photographers can do that.

  4. That steampunk’s holding in there! Even though it looks pretty seasoned, I’ll bet it could still be a handy farming tool.

  5. Blacn and white filter gives an old impression on that steam. I wonder if it still works though.

  6. You did great when taking the picture black and white, I love that picture looks soft and timeless.

  7. The farm machine is cool and I wonder if it still in use now. I’m sure it must have been very efficient then.

  8. The days of steam powered are long gone so to see this is a good thing. I see steam trains though not this. I guss this makes plowing large areas a lot faster.

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