Suicide Of A Classmate

Have a suicide plan;
Planned out all in my mind.
Tell my parents
I shall not make it home.
Leave me alone
It’s too late to help me now.
Had enough of life;
Time to end it all.
3:00 in the afternoon;
the bus ride home
my final hour.
I take the jagged bottle glass
Out of my pocket.
It is clear,
And shimmering in the sunlight.
It is jagged on its edges
Yet beautiful and cool to the touch;
The last thing I shall remember in this life.
I slice my wrist
to the other the same.
My life’s blood
fades away.
I did not cut deep enough.
I wake up
In an ambulance.
My wrists are bandaged
and I am tied down.
I hear the sirens wail.
Am I going to emergency,
or am I going to jail?

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