Sunday Morning Snapshot

October 2019

16 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Snapshot

  1. Great start of a morning I should say. Nothing beats seeing the morning sun. As if nature is telling you everything is gonna be okay so smile and be thankful.A new day is here for you.

  2. This photo has brighten my morning, it like a breath of fresh air, looking radiating and dripping with splendor. This photo is adorable.

  3. Wow this just made me remember this song “Good Morning Sunshine” by Danish. Nice one Tom, this view will make me get to church late, to leave the bed will be a big deal. Tnks for sharing.

  4. That’s an interesting quote you have on the window. “Indulge yourself”. Must say I like it 🙂

  5. I really like that flower decor right smack in the middle. Really gives an overall happy feel to an already whimsical shot. Have a great week ahead, Mr. Slatin!

  6. Oh! I love mornings! This place must be in the kitchen area. The flower decor was the one captured my attention.

  7. Nice shot from your end boss Tom. Its really a pretty and cool Sunday shot. Photograph nice taken. Thanks for this Post.

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