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Sunset Cairn At Cadillac Summit

June 2008

23 responses to “Sunset Cairn At Cadillac Summit”

  1. This is truly breathtaking. I do not know if that rock formation was just place there or natures creations but the fact that the sunlight hits it directly looks so cool. As if this was taken from the bible.

  2. Oh my jess, this is fantabulous. I love the sight, pardon me, I just downloaded this image, the credit is yours Tom

  3. Wow, such a beautiful sight to see. I really enjoy the view. I am still having a hard time remembering where I found the same stone stacks, I think it was in the movie Moana.

  4. Wow, that place has an impressive view and one of the best sunsets I´ve seen. What a cool picture Tom

  5. Amazing sunset. You really captured a wonderful setting. The rock formation, the green pastures and the orange clouds all culminate into a breathtaking view.

  6. This will be a good view for a detty december outing. Just relaxing and looking into a view like this will be heavenly. it will be nice

  7. This is a nice place that would be great for relaxation. The rock will be good for an adventure to have a lively experience

  8. The sunset is so beautiful that it almost looks unreal. It must have been quite an experience witnessing it in person.

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