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22 responses to “Swan”

  1. Such beautiful detail in this shot! I love how you can see the droplets of water on the swan’s beak and the close up on the eye and the light feathered skin.

  2. I see the sacrifice given to this output. It takes alot of patience man….thanks for this unique piece

  3. A swan close up wow!!! I never see a swan this majestic.. This is why nature rules. We can just be stewards but not the master of it. Very good shot!!!!

  4. What!!! Though I have never doubted you work, this is another reason. This is a great close up, just imagining how u fulfilled this.

  5. The Swan is such a charming bird. I love the close up picture, it focuses on the swan’s face. It is as though the Swan wants to talk with it’s eye.

  6. The angle you took this swan makes it look a bit different. I’m always seen the white ones all the time but I like the light yellow color more

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