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Take Our Picture

12 responses to “Take Our Picture”

  1. Taking picture is one thing I love doing the most. Photography work is nice for me. The output quality of this pictures is so superb.

  2. You take our picture, someone else’s takes yours. Funny but beautiful concept. Nice black and white choice. Keep it coming Tomslatin

  3. This looks like a photo from a vintage movie when people moving around as if in their shadows. Great photography work

  4. A good concept in this picture, taking pictures from a distance where the others are taking pictures of their friends too. An image like this becomes an art because it seems to have meaning in it!

  5. Beautiful photo with beautiful concept as well. I know it really takes a creative person to be a good photographer.

  6. A bit of color would have been nice for this one. I mean this is freaking nature by all means it should be colorful. Good shot still. Just lacking hue in my opinion.

  7. Looks like a group of travelers about to embark on an adventure. The decision to make this in black and white makes it even more dramatic.

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