“To me, being spiritual means…whispering to trees, laughing with flowers, falling in love with sunsets, consulting the water and worshipping the stars. One hand to my heart. One hand to the Earth. And sparkles. Tons of them.” —Tanya Markul

15 thoughts on “Tanya Markul Quote

  1. Wow, I most say that you carefully chosen quote you share are a reflect of a fulfilled life. Love the nature and appreciate Gods gift.

  2. Well, I love the look I’m actually looking at.
    I am just seeing spiritual in this angle but I didn’t give all support to the quote though, she looks beautiful. Nice share.

  3. Well, different strokes for different folks. I believe in God and being in spirit is all about worshiping him and doing his biddings

  4. Being one with the world and our surroundings is definitely a good way to feel spiritual and divine. I think it can also be very therapeutic when we’re having a bad day to stop and look and appreciate the earth around us.

  5. Tanya Markul has such an open mind and an interesting way of looking at life. I do agree with her general philosophy though.

  6. Yes, it always good to draw the energy from the universe. I try to draw and connect spiritually to nature.

  7. I hope you do not mean that literally. However, I would like to think that you are just being thankful to everything? If that is the case then it is never a bad thing. That is how it should be.

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