HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

Arthur Sterling Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady, New York 12305

September 29, 1990

Dear Doktor,
It is some time since I have been forced to address you so formally.  It was your intransigence in failing to follow my advice that opened this can of worms.  There were a few brief moments when I thought the can of worms might be a pot of gold but this end was not to be.  Your first mistake was buying that crappy program for your son instead of Publish It Light which I recommended.  Your second was in not recognizing that there exists the following [A] Print Shop, [B] Printshop, [C] Printmaster.  You have A, B and C have more seniority and are directly related.

The Bulletin Boards contain large quantities of Clip Art in Zip files for Printshop and sometimes they spell it Print Shop.  These Zip files resolve into two files, say JOE.DAT and JOE.NAM.  I spent about four hours this morning discovering this.  Now you might think that these files are of no use us, and they will not be of use to your Print Shop, but strangely a program exist called PSTOOLS will display them, print them and covert them to MSP files.  Strangely Windows will accept the MSP files in its Paint program, although it finds them old fashioned and wants you to convert them to BMP files.  The enclosed disk contains PSTOOLS and its DOC file,, if you run PSTOOLS and tell it that GRAPHICS.DAT is around it will display the clip items thirty at a time, if you type N it will display another thirty until it runs out.  If you type P it prints all of them, I enclose a printout.  If you type W it will write the thirty you can see into a file with any name you want to give, you should make the extension MSP so that Windows can read it.

While I was finding all this out, by some happy chance I found EXTRA.ZIP which unzips into just what you were looking for, extra clip art for PRINT SHOP.  Why you would want this or any of the other clip art I can’t guess.

This leaves us with a mystery.  Where did those files with the WPG extension come from”  I didn’t keep a copy of them, so don’t lose them, they may not be great but some of them are better than anything else I’ve seen in this area.

Arthur S. Covert


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