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The Best You Can Is Good Enough

April 2018

9 responses to “The Best You Can Is Good Enough”

  1. The image posted I just a message about life. All is vanity as the new car today is an old model tomorrow, just be good at what you do everyday. Thanks Tom, for this picture.

  2. The picture is a clear indication that we should do the best we can and leave the rest. As we do today might or might not be cherished tomorrow

  3. Thanks TOM for this photograph. The car must have been condemned and abandoned for its old fashion look. This is reality of life, invest on things that are profitable to the generations coming after you. Thanks for this inspirational photograph.

  4. I like how this picture looks surrealistic, the shot is very clear and I love the black and whtte choose of colors.

  5. The composition is quite haunting, for lack of a better word for me. It does seem that the car was going somewhere, but was stalled and eventually closed off by the thick vegetation and was only able to reach the closest place that it could go through. Pretty telling of life’s struggles, yes.

  6. In simpler terms if you can live without or less regrets then it is enough. You may loose or win some battles but as long as you have a smile on your face you are fine. We all take different paths but have the same goal. To live life the best that we can.

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