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The Color Of Happiness

The Color Of Happiness


25 responses to “The Color Of Happiness”

  1. A blossom flower signifies happness and I love to plant flowers around my home, because there are always beautiful.

  2. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that bring about happiness. Even if it’s just a single flower blooming in the middle of a field.

    Great photo, by the way. What sort of flower is it, though?

  3. Is there actually a particular colour of happiness? Well I believe someone’s colour of happiness varis to another. The flower is actually beautiful, with a radiant colour.

  4. I would like to see this flower directly and admire its beautiful colors, and above all know what it is called?

  5. Beautiful flower, very radiant. Though colors are simple, I don’t see sad colors in it. You really have an eye for colors. Great work.

  6. So bright and charming. I love flowers that reminds at all times that life can be this beautiful.

  7. Well the color of happiness can be anything. To me though if I have to pick it would be silver he he. In terms of the photo I guess that is how the photographer sees it. Not exactly I imagine but it is fine I guess.

  8. Well done shot Tom! Flowers really captures my heart. The colors gives me the summer and spring vibe at the same time.

  9. I love the contrast of colors. The color of the flower pops out from the background. Well done! Love seeing your wonderful shots!

  10. I love flowers especially the smell. Lovely background, it compliments the image. I love it

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