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The Crossing


May 2015

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22 responses to “The Crossing”

  1. These types of photos always give me a feeling of peace and loneliness at the same time. It felt like someone lived here but just left. Anyways, love the photo as usual. Keep it up.

  2. Crossing to another dimension is more like it. These houses really gives me the creeps. Not to mention it is empty, old and in the middle of nowhere. It is ok in daytime but come at night? NO WAY.

  3. Empty looking old house. Photography. It really a odd view but in a more accurate way. You did a good job

  4. I get an eerie feeling just by looking at the picture. I really do not know why, maybe I am just afraid of old houses.

  5. Nice place for relaxation and rest of mind. I like the environment and its background. nice photo here.

  6. Wow, what a great place for a weekend getaway from the busy city life. I would very much fancy a stay here.

  7. Fantastic and paradise in beauty. Very refreshing house photo with plants and trees, the surrounding looks so amazing. Very much eye catching.

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