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The Dream Of Someone Writing You A Letter

The Dream Of Someone Writing You A Letter

August 2019

17 responses to “The Dream Of Someone Writing You A Letter”

  1. I can remember those days that I always anticipate getting letters. it was a big deal then to receives letters especially if it one was expecting the letter to come with cash.

  2. Dreaming of someone writing letter to me would have been a wonderful and lovely piece to read if only it’s an visit invitation abroad. I love reading letters. Nice picture, Tom

  3. I have seen a study table of this style. It was over a hundred years old but still functioning. It’s just that it’s very bulky and you cannot move it that easily.

  4. Wow, I really love this shot. Makes me think of those old days where people still write letters to one another. Nowadays that custom is almost lost forever.

  5. Days of letter writing. Remember the good old ways of communicating through letter writing. You always bring back memories.

  6. I love the desk! I use to see that those types of desk when I was a kid. I hope I can get one. Love the photo btw!

  7. I can’t remeber the last time I wrotte a letter or received one. Nostalgic memories come to my mind.

  8. I miss the feeling of habing butterflies in my stomach whenever I receive love letters from high school. It just feels so good.

  9. This is a thing of the past now since we have phones and all these tech. I still hear stories about it though. In my eyes of my grand parents that is.

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