May 2015

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11 thoughts on “The Dreaming Tree

  1. To be honest, this does not do a lot for me.
    I love nature and have seen many better tree photos
    But it does remind me of the tree i used to climb as a kid.

  2. If this tree could just think and speak, it would wish and dream to have plenty of leaves- like a balding man hoping to get back his once thick hair.anyway, i like this foto with its balanced color and lighting and background.i wish i could buy a print of it.

  3. When I see this tree, it reminds me of Steve Perry’s song, I Stand Alone: “Like every tree stands on its own, Reaching for the sky I stand alone.”

  4. What I feel in the picture of this tree (The Dreaming Tree) is loneliness because it’s not with the other trees in the area. It is somewhat lacking something…

  5. The tree is lonely, and trying to attract attention with its budding leaves. But if you look closely, you can see that it is broken.

  6. This looks exactly like it was taken from someone else’s dream.
    Though the tree is somewhere in between dying or blooming.

  7. Is this a portrait or a painting? Reason I as is because the grass surrounding the tree looks so plush and greeen!

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