The Empty Page

An empty page
Like a mind without ideas.
Think of something.
Write of something.
Take this boring wasteland;
Add ideas to let it flourish.
Plant words among the lines.
Take this flat two-dimensional surface;
Add some words;
Add some life
And watch your page grow.


  • Wilson Jake

    An empty mind is the devils work place. Fill your mind and days with something reasonable. Nothing too small to embark on.

  • Prince

    Start by doing something, never say never. You can’t know an outcome without taking the step. Thanks for this Tom

  • maureen

    This has a deeper meaning. Life should be productive to feel full. Grow your page and don’t leave it empty. That’s right

  • Alex

    This makes the mind feel like a canvas. A blank space and whatever you put or think becomes you. The power of the mind I suppose but to me the heart surpasses that. It always does.

  • Meldred Judith

    Being empty doesn’t mean negative or meaningless. With being empty, you can always start a new and create new and wonderful feelings and experiences.

  • szaza.albeneth

    I feel the emptiness in my life when I feel bored. I think it is part of everyone’s life to deal with.

  • esgyll

    This is what I exactly think about my own mind. Well, it’s certainly not empty and it has a lot of thoughts in any given second. And I’m sometimes lucky to be able to convey these thoughts written onto paper or drawn on my sketchpad.

  • AMAN

    The same goes with our mind. If my mind is empty, I really think stupid things at that time. So, it’s always better to involve myself in any work.

  • Glad

    With an empty page you can write whatever you wish. It is like a fresh page in one’s life, and you desire to experience good things so it can written on that page.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Awesome message, man! It kind of reminds me of creation in how our universe started with total nothingness and then everything manifested. I also love the idea of writing about a total blank slate and how we all come across it, especially when putting words on paper.

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