The End Of October Follow-Ups

  • October 31, 2014

The End Of October

October 2014 was a fantastic month for TomSlatin.com.  Not only did this blog see record traffic, but we also saw a lot of new followers to the blog.  As a special thank you for the additional traffic and followers, this post has been written to showcase those who make this blog worthwhile.

The WordPress followers who follow this blog (as of October 31, 2014) include Katarina C.S., vadana33, Robin Matteri, embrycwalt, jisbell22, clayearley, A.D. Martin, danzywrit, jane e, Dee, patricia49, josiecoccinelle, kelzbelzphotography, mborn2bfree, jenna50jmkeftr, Julianne Q Johnson, isidro58n, dickwoodhouse, and wcallagy.

The header image contains the following fonts; Yellowtail, and Roboto Condensed.

An Introvert’s Case Against The 9-To-5

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