October 2020

10 thoughts on “The Lonely Bale

  1. A picturesque escape to reality. A lonely you for simpler form. i have a thought of looking for a place like this. Where I can be one alone in the nature.

  2. What even does BALE mean? Seriously I do not know. Anyway this sure look like a very mysterious spot. Relaxing as it is intimidating since nothing is around. Good shot at least. Very clear and detailed.

  3. A onely bale but the place still looks magnificent. The color here is really inviting. The glowing color on display is awesome

  4. A lonely place like this is good for the soul. It’s makes one has the quietness you need to think things through.

  5. A shroud of mystery covers the place. I sense mystical presence in the picture. Nature is indeed terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

  6. I like that the focus of the bale is way off in the distance. With all that empty space, the emphasis of loneliness is beautifully illustrated.

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