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The Machine


The Machine - 7

My father was a scientist and engineer.  His side of the family was filled with engineers of various types.  Whenever my father needed a task to be completed which required any sort of repetitive motion or labor, he would typically build a machine to perform the task.

The machine shown here was built to control a series of electromagnets for some sort of early robotic device or sculpture.  My father built it around 1960, but unfortunately he was not a good wordsmith, and therefore, left no written documentation as to how the machine functions, or what task it was designed to perform.  What is known, however, is that the machine was built as a mechanical / electrical sequencer that would automatically supply electricity to various outputs on a sequenced and/or timed basis, depending on the input it recieved.

10 responses to “The Machine”

  1. I was not even born yet when these came out. I agree though that machines has been giving man a helping hand since its invention. From task such as opening a can to complex ones like lifting stuff. IN your case your dad built stuff and I found that cool even if I am not an engineer.

  2. Wow, I love this too. Your dad did a really job before leaving the planet Earth. I wish he was a wordsmith too and most of this work were well documented.

  3. That’s really fascinating. Whenever I think about it, these things were once helpful to a lot of people and now they are old and worn out. I just love these kinds of explorations.

  4. These are the tools of a great scientist and engineer. Your father was a great man indeed.

  5. I’m really impressed..I guess your dad was a genius… You are blessed to have someone like that to mentor you

  6. You are lucky to have inherited such a rich heritage of engineering family background. Your father must have done great things indeed.

  7. It’s such an honor to have your father’s treasured tools as part of your history. I would be very proud to see them and remember his memories.

  8. Wow is your dad my dad too?

    Kidding aside, my late dad was so much like him – he liked making things too, like creating our house’s alarms that when set and when a thief tries breaking in prying the windows apart, it will trigger it. He also even made some kind of emergency light that goes on when there’s a power shortage in the neighborhood. He even created a hot shower/water system we can use if it gets too cold to take a bath.

    I’m pretty sure he and your father would have been really good friends if they have met, having a lot of interesting and fascinating conversations if only for talking about the countless things they have invented.

  9. Kudos to your dad,for all the good job he did and the legacies he has left behind. This is almost same like my dad but unfortunately my siblings have destroyed most of these machines too bad.

  10. You have a father who is so advanced. He likes to discover make new things. He can be a good inventor.

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