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The Music Trio

May 2011

22 responses to “The Music Trio”

  1. Trio??? Where? I only saw two. Unless the dog is included ha ha. Anyway good shots. I wish I knew them though.

  2. It is so unique how this old man uses these glasses to become a musical instrument. He must have practiced for a long time to be able to play it.

  3. Wow, seeing the dog makes me remember my deceased dog. I really love dogs. I am happy to see such beautiful dog.

  4. Cute pup! Would love to see all these characters jam out. Glasses are definitely a crafty musical instrument.

  5. I love the string instruments. Music is life and health if taken for joy. The shots are well taken and with quality output Tom. Bravo to you man.

  6. I like music for.being a unique universal language. But I have not seen the trio as indicated in the title.

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