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The Old Road Lead Me Straight To You

April 2018

9 responses to “The Old Road Lead Me Straight To You”

  1. The car must have been through hell where it is parked. Because rain, sun, snowfall etc must have beaten it. Nice shot from a clear angle . thanks a lot for this picture TOM.

  2. It’s always those familiar roads which bring comfort to anyone regardless of age and gender. Just going down on one reassures you that everything will be fine in the end.

  3. Why the abandonement of the car amongst tall grasses. Yes, this really looks a lonely path and can only be two for two or more people.

  4. Well I do not know. One is the car still functioning? Anyway yes sometimes the path that we deem inferior can be our very own destiny. Fate is uncertain because of it.

  5. Nice caption. Just like in love sometimes we take so many paths but the old road is where you’re supposed to be going.

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