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The Only Son of an Atomic Engineer:
My Journey From Playful Beginnings To Published Writer
A Must-Read For Every Aspiring Writer, Dreamer And Outcast, Author And
Photography By Thomas Slatin, Available Now

VERMONT, UNITED STATES, June 22nd, 2021— Emerging author and photographer Thomas Slatin cringes when asked what he does for a living. His recollections: from youth to professional writer appearing in The Only Son of an Atomic Engineer available from Barnes &
Noble. The new release unpacks how high expectations from famous family members, mentors, and himself impact his life, art, and work.

Slatin, the self-defined multipotentialist, has owned many labels: son of renowned Manhattan Project scientist, dreamer, literary acolyte, Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter, survivor, outcast, photographer, husband, and now, finally published writer. The collection of personal essays recall thoughts, places, conversations, and dreams. The journey to success and happiness is long, lonely, and full of doubt – inheriting great expectations leads to greater burdens. Slatin blames no one; it is not a tell-all memoir but instead validates a writer’s choice to stay true to his passions – often misunderstood passions.

“The child who grows up an outcast and different is the one who daydreams beneath their own special tree, of castles and kings and fabulous places far, far away, who will ultimately go on to be extremely successful at life.”

Slatin’s book is available for purchase online from Barnes & Noble.

Thomas Slatin built an online following from his blog and website. As an established photographer, he first published a photography book of abandoned historic places, Entropy: The Beauty of Decay in 2019 and contributes to Canva, EyeEm, and Getty Images. His debut, which is a collection of essays features his best pieces, is now available from Barnes & Noble.


If you would like more information about the book, please call Thomas Slatin at 518-222-9980, email or visit the website at

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  1. This book is a must read. Fascinating journey. Don’t miss. Get yours now! Thanks, Tom, for a work well done!!

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