HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

June 27, 1989

Dear Harv:

I received the letter you mentioned on the phone, written before we knew about John.

It occurred me that I have some additional information that I forgot to give you. It comes from Bill James, and I don’t know if it will be useful but I’ll pass it along anyway.

John’s attorney is:

Ann Yalman
Attorney at Law
304 Catron
Santa Fe, N.M.
(Bill did not know the zip code for her address.)
Her phone is:
(505) 988-8838

Bill James has a second phone, which is fitted with a call recorder. The number is 982-1628.

I have a recollection that he and John became friends because they both collected pistols. Bill was a violin maker, but his eyes and finger joints gave out. Now I think he repairs musical instruments. He is distantly related to William James and Henry James. (All this is faintly remembered from John’s conversations, and some of it may not be accurate.)

I wrote to Bill yesterday and asked him if anyone had planned a memorial to John, perhaps a plaque inside the theater where he served on the board and did so much acting. Bill never mentioned a service, so I have no idea what observance took place, if one did. John was an atheist, and would probably have made no provision for anything like that in his will.

As of now, that is about all I have to pass along. If you
learn anything more, please let me know.


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